City of Monrovia Strategic Plan

Marketing Campaign - 2013

I have the privileged working with The City of Monrovia on this marketing plan called Plan Monrovia. The mission of this campaign allowed the city to receive input for
five-year strategic roadmap from the community. The plan will help the city determine its future spending priorities, it will also tell officials what residents think of their city and what they value most, something that will serve Monrovia far into the future.

The Strategic Plan include tri-fold brochure for residents to enter their feedback which can be tear and mail to the city. There are also postcard and poster, as well as a playful pin.

Strategic Plan Marketing Campaign

An informative collection including tri-fold brochure, postcard, poster and pin. The collection was designed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Pin Variation

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Pin Final Product

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